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There are many types of essays; one of them is a persuasive essay. Another name that is used for a persuasive essay is an argumentative essay. Persuasive speech topic has certain requirements as well. For instance, it must constitute a clear opinion that is thought-provoking and daring. Your creative skills to decide a topic can be an extra advantage. Rather than trying to do something extraordinary, the focus should be on such a topic about which you have prior knowledge and ideas. Still, if you feel that you are not confident then you can ask writing services to write my paper.

In this type of essay, the emphasis is on logic and arguments. In such essays, it happens that you try to be argumentative and try to convey a message that your arguments are more logical and worthy. For an effective persuasive essay, the combo of arguments and followed by examples are pertinent. If arguments are not supported by relevant examples then your essay would not be considered an effective persuasive essay. In this type of essay, the primary purpose is to convince the reader or listener to accept and follow your point of view.

Here just 40 persuasive speech topics from the best ‘write my essay’ service are listed below but the list of persuasive topics is so long that it can take days and weeks and still you would not be able to jot down all of them.
  • Support cars are dangerous or not?
  • Would artificial intelligence help to reduce accidents?
  • Should there be extra tracks for bicycles and bikes?
  • Wearing a mask for bicycle riders be made mandatory or not?
  • Do introvert habits make a great leader?
  • Who is responsible for rising energy prices?
  • Who should pay for institutional malfunctioning?
  • Should foreign employees be hired?
  • Should parliamentarians be paid?
  • Companies should extend bonuses to those who come to work on foot or by biking?
  • Should the business community pay more for free education for all?
  • Should tipping in restaurants be banned?
  • Should voting be limited to educated people?
  • Should voting be made mandatory to avail services of the state?
  • Should there be tax relaxation for those who participate in the electoral process?
  • Should the president have parliamentary experience before contesting for the presidency?
  • Should the two times bar on the president be removed?
  • Should four years' mandates for elected government be increased to five years?
  • Is the Housing issue leading to increased issues of poverty?
  • What should be the fate of drug addicts: rehabilitation or punishment?
  • Is this a violation of human rights to detain someone on charges of terrorism without proof?
  • Is punishment resulting in more offensive attitudes?

An essay writer does not have to do enough brainstorming to decide a topic because he haa ample knowledge on multiple topics. You have to do multitasking: developing your arguments but at the same time you should be aware of counterarguments.
  • Is it justified to restrain freedoms in the context of a national security threat?
  • Should the drinking age be reduced?
  • Should religious teaching be made part of the state narrative?
  • Can the state survive with religious state apparatus?
  • Should cigarettes and tobacco be banned for all by the government?
  • Should the president be philosopher-king?
  • Should the use of mobile phones on footpaths be banned?
  • Should the state allot a budget for recycling?
  • Should the state issue SOPs for genetically modified foods?
  • Should the selling of plastic bags be banned for all?
  • Should the state invest in climate change?
  • Should co-education be encouraged for educational efficacy?
  • Should the right of abortion be declared a universal right?
  • Should states encourage higher education or technical education?
  • Should online education be emphasized?
  • Is globalization a dialect?
  • Is equality possible?
  • Should rebellion be redefined?

Feel free to choose any idea or hire a essay writing service for professional help.

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