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An Easy Guide to Thesis Statements
« on: April 28, 2020, 07:52:16 am »

When was the first time you were introduced to the idea of the thesis statement?

In early school grades, upon writing an essay without the knowledge of a thesis statement, most of us didn’t know how to close out the introduction. We would talk about the subject and narrow down to the subject without asserting what we plan to argue or present in the topic.

When the essay writer doesn’t know about the thesis statement, the essay becomes akin to an unmanned ship at the whim of the wind and current.

Thesis Statement is the anchor that holds your essay together and is very important to the essay.

What is a Thesis Statement?
A thesis statement states your topic and how you are going to approach the subject: the analysis, ideas, opinions, and insights that you are going to employ. To learn more about thesis statement look for any essay writing service online.

The purpose of academic essays is for you to demonstrate your unique analytical and critical skills. The reader wants to hear novel insights while your instructor wants to see that you have demonstrated sound thinking skills in your essay.

It is the thesis statement through which you introduce the claim that you will support through your essay, and demonstrate your sound analytical skills.
Parts of a Thesis Statement
Depending upon the complexity of the thesis statement there a thesis statement can be divided into a two-part statement or a three-part statement.

Two-part Thesis Statement
Topic: the main subject of the essay.
Controlling Idea: The angle or the main idea that shapes the main subject.
For example:
“(1) Passive smoking can (2) leads to lasting effects on a person’s health both short and long term.”

Three-part Thesis Statement
Topic: the main subject of your essay.
Your resolve: What your main idea is or what you plan to demonstrate through your essay
Blueprint: The arguments and analysis that you will use to defend or elucidate your resolve.

For example:
“The catalyst for (1)The Civil War, fought between the Union and the Confederates, was the issue of slavery; however, (2)there were many other important factors such as (3)economical and cultural elements that contributed to it.”

Things to Avoid
Broad Statements
Broad thesis statements don’t at all mean that they are verbose. It is not specific and leaves the reader with a statement that is too general and wide.

For example:
“Taking precautions is better than getting treated..”

“Eating healthy and keeping good hygiene works much better to fight bacterial infections, than antibiotics.  ”

Too Narrow
It’s one thing to write a broad statement out of lack of preparation or knowledge but its another to choose a statement that one can barely add another line to, that is stated by write essay for me service.

For example, how can one turn this statement into an essay::
“Passive smokers are at a 20%-30% higher risk of getting lung cancer than a normal person.”

A Checklist
Does the thesis take a position upon a topic?
Make sure that the statement takes a stand on the subject and doesn’t leave the reader indecisive.

Is it specific enough, and not too narrow or broad?
Make sure to check for all the parts of the thesis statements talked about earlier. This way you will have a thesis statement that finds its balance between the narrow and the broad.

Is the essay connected to the thesis statement throughout the essay?
It’s normal to veer slightly away from the actual thesis following your better judgment during the writing process. It is okay to do so, until and unless it is logical and you modify the thesis statement in accordance with the change.

The ‘How’, Why’, or ‘So what?’ tests
If upon reading the thesis statement, ask the questions of ‘How’, ‘Why’, or ‘So what’, and every time the thesis statement should come up with an answer or hint towards its direction. If you are still confuse, go for any write my essay service online.

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